About Us

We’re a group of Italians and Americans who are passionate about organic food, wellbeing, and preserving tradition.

We have a background in nutrition, sustainable production, marketing, distribution, and sourcing high-quality artisanal goods. We also love Italian culture and want to share every drop of it with you.

Recently, we noticed something was missing in the market –– farm to table extra virgin olive oil is very hard to find. Given our backgrounds and experience, we knew it was something we could pursue. We’ve all worked together in the past and have now united to embrace our passion –– delivering pure and organic Italian extra virgin olive oil to homes across America.

An extra virgin olive oil that belongs at every table.

So we set out to find a selected group of farmers with solid principles that worked their land and fruit as their ancestors before them did (with no additives, pesticides, dies, or GMO seeds).

We came together to form Olivaio. We hope you’ll join us.